What is the 9 to 9 women concept?

Women who do it all, need products that do it all.

We are all familiar with the 9-5 concept of working, Monday through Friday and reserving the weekend for catching up on sleep or indulging in social activities. The 9-9 women concept however, better describes the lifestyle of present day, hard working women. Women that have plans past their 9-5, in both official and unofficial environments. Today’s women live in a high pace environment juggling between their personal and professional life, continuously. Our brand, Saint Lombard is inspired by and dedicated to these modern-day women.

Like many iconic fashion brands, we draw inspiration from California’s culture of hard work and innovation. It’s hard not to be inspired here— a place where new business concepts are launched that set trends globally, where art, music and nature play, and where strong career-minded women thrive. Influenced by our San Francisco home and the 9-to-9 women, our collections reflect a modern aesthetic and purpose.

Many working women find themselves in need of a daily routine to feel well-rested and successful yet in turn, not drained of social life and selfcare. For these women, typical mornings start with a nutritious breakfast followed by a session of yoga or spinning. Traveling to work usually comes next, unless their children must be dropped off at school beforehand. Reaching work, thereafter, means planning ahead for a day full of meetings, brainstorming, presentations and execution. Although their work day may end around 5pm, many working women continue their day either pursuing their passion or just managing their daily life. Thereafter, running errands, stocking up on grocery essentials or going out with friends, follows. Often, this means getting home at 9PM or later, after having started your day at 9AM. This concept sounds complex and it certainly is! Many women in the workforce will model this concept to fit their very unique lifestyle needs.

What seems to be universal amongst working women is the need for products and practices that simplify their everyday needs while enhancing their productivity and aligning with their moral code. This is at the core of the mission of our brand, Saint Lombard.

At Saint Lombard, we believe that easier is always better, especially for women with hectic schedules. While managing different lifestyle packed within a day, women have to think and carefully plan right from their attire to suit appropriate settings that they will be throughout the day. Women should not have to lug around multiple bags to go from meetings to cocktails. We especially believe that women should not sacrifice fashion for function. We were inspired and driven by working women, and therefore created bags that did it all, for working women who do it all.

What is a bag that does it all, you may ask? It is a bag that is roomy enough to carry all the essentials and stylish enough to send the right message no matter what the setting. A bag that will make life easier for the woman who is on the go from 9AM to 9PM.

It is our sole mission to create products that make your life better, easier and more beautiful.

To execute this mission, we traveled to the heart of global fashion, Italy, where we sourced our products. Made from finest vegetable leather that is created through the ancient vegetable tanning method, our products are sustainable and avoid usage of harmful chemicals in the leather dyeing process. Beyond that, we also employed the local artisans in Tuscany, who have been mastering their trade for centuries and generations.

With our mission in mind, we create most elegant products made in Italy that provide functionality and fashionability for the 9-to-9 women.

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