Welcome to The New Normal

We are going through unprecedented times in our lifetime. From the restriction of movement to social distancing, we have never seen this coming, not even in our imagination. The recent changes have forced us to reform our usual ways of living, but we are quickly adapting to adjusting our life (and operations) to the new normal.

As we gradually open back our business, we have taken cautious steps to build ourselves to the new normal. While the whole world did a reset, we as a small California based business were focused on keeping the lights on. Although we’ve gone through some dramatic changes, we never moved an inch away from our core values and what we stand for as a brand. That is supporting craftsmen and continuing with integrity to serve our consumers.

Giving back is part of us

In our journey to adapting to new norms, we added our efforts to support the local community, which we call home, by donating a portion of our proceeds to the San Francisco Marin Food Bank. We additionally continue to empower the underprivileged women in various parts of the world through our ongoing cooperation with Commit2Change. Undoubtedly, we are committed to our small and medium-sized family businesses which serve as the backbone of our production facilities in Tuscany, Italy, continuing to honor the 1000-year-old traditions of vegetable tanning and leather craftsmanship, throughout this period and beyond.

We have been closely working with our craftsmen to build the carefully selected product range that modern-day women need in their wardrobe. We equally made sure to chime on our California home base to make sure these products, beyond adhering to high-quality standards, also speak for themselves on both style and functionality.

As we get back to the new reality and new normal, it is undoubtedly important to support and empower each other. We continue to look forward to your support. In this, we are together. The new normal will soon become the normal.

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Happy New Year 2021!

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No thanks, Black Friday.

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