No thanks, Black Friday.

This year, we are taking a stand: We will not participate in black Friday.

Celebrating Black Friday this time is against the values on which we built this brand. We don’t believe in a need for overconsumption. Black Friday has become a day when we often spend too much money on purchases. Most of the time we end up buying things that we really don’t need and often regret these purchases. The concept of Black Friday promotes hyper consumerism that is one of the biggest threats to our planet. As responsible citizens, we need to evaluate our buying habits and start questioning how and where the buys we buy are made.

As a small brand, we keep our markup low to offer luxuriously produced product at affordable prices. We don’t jack up our prices like other brands that later offer 30%, 50% or even 70% discounts to make their products attractive.

At Saint Lombard, we care about how our products are crafted. We handcraft products in small quantities by master craftsmen. We use eco-friendly vegetable tanning to create our products and also believe in paying our workers’ fair wages. Our goal is to create a bag that will last a lifetime and you will be proud to carry.

Lastly, we would like to remind you that with every purchase you make with Saint Lombard, you support women in need through our collaboration with non-profit organizations.

Wish you a warm Thanksgiving and a brighter tomorrow.

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Happy New Year 2021!

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No thanks, Black Friday.

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