A bag for the 9-to-9 women

Women with hectic schedules often find themselves struggling to find balance in their lives while juggling a demanding job, a social life, a household and family, and much more. A hectic schedule in return demands proper attire and adequate accessories to accommodate tasks in official and unofficial environments.

A bag is oftentimes the most indispensable accessory to a seamless, comfortable, productive day. It’s common for women to purchase five or more bags to find the perfect one, wasting resources and time in the process.

Art Director at Banana Republic, blogger at J’adore Couture, and lover of all things fashion, Kimara Mitchell says “No matter the price of a bag, I look for the same features when deciding to purchase a leather bag.”

“When purchasing a bag, the biggest factor I search for is functionality. A lot of my life is constantly moving, doing things during the day and doing things at night, in unofficial and official environments. I look for an elegant bag that does not necessarily look like a work bag even if I am carrying it to work; it needs to be stylish and functional carry my essentials and look great no matter what I’m wearing. I find myself looking for quality stitching, sustainable practices, sturdy feet at the bottom of the bag and details, such as designated pockets, to accommodate my essentials and more.”

After having carried her North Beach Bucket Bag, Kim says this bag was a nice addition to her wardrobe and added interest to her outfits compared to many other bags she owns, while also offering enough room to accommodate a hectic day ahead of her.  In her NB Bucket Bag, she carries her wallet, her planner, a change of shoes, a clutch that holds her lip gloss, Band-Aids, mini perfume, as well as her bus pass, work ID, pen and more. Kim’s “must have item” to conquer her hectic schedule is her planner, in which she writes everything out and has her schedule, big meetings and milestones written forth for optimal time management.

To prepare for her hectic schedule, Kim mindfully pairs her outfit and accessories to conquer the tasks to come. “I wake up every day and look at my schedule to figure out what I’m gonna do and wear that day. Whether I have presentations at work, events after work, days that I don’t have anything going on, or I’m feeling a little bit more special just because maybe the weather hasn’t been great, I let my mood dictate my fashion choices although each outfit starts with one piece. First, I will tell myself ‘I want to wear this bag’ or ‘I want to wear these shoes’ and build my outfit from there on. Some days, I get stuck and find myself searching Pinterest for inspiration and ideas. Sometimes, in my free time, I will even play dress up in my closet and remember a given pairing for the week.”

Considering the environmental risks of the Fashion Industry, hardworking women like Kim find themselves searching for fashionability and functionality yet not wanting to sacrifice sustainability in the process. Kim says “Fashion is a very wasteful industry and I appreciate when brands use different techniques in producing items that are sustainable and kinder to the environment.  I especially appreciate when companies use recycled materials such as cotton and hardware. Sustainability is often treated like a dirty word and it certainly doesn’t need to be. A sustainable product doesn’t have to be basic and boring; it can be something people enjoy carrying every single day.

Although your fashion and accessory are set to empower you to take on many challenges, Kim’s remaining advice for hard working women is to be open-minded and say “Yes!” more often. “You never know where an opportunity might come from. Even if you think something is out of your field or given area of expertise, be open to it and always believe that this opportunity will take you on an interesting path!”

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